Mae`r dudalen we hon yn darparu casgliad o adnoddau ar gyfer ymarfer ysgrifennu Cymraeg. Cyflwynir cyfres o erthyglau ar ffurf byrddau stori, fel y dangosir isod. Rhoddir nodiadau yn Saesneg, ac mae opsiwn i arddangos cyfieithiad Cymraeg o`r nodiadau ar gyfer pob ffrm o`r bwrdd stori.

This web page provides a set of resources for practice in writing Welsh. A series of articles are presented in the form of storyboards, as shown below. Notes are given in English, and there is an option to display a Welsh translation of the notes for each frame of the storyboard.

The resources can be used in different ways:
  • Translation
    You are invited to translate the English notes into Welsh, typing in the box provided, then select the Welsh text to check the vocabulary you have used. Please be reassured that the Welsh text shown is only a suggestion, and a number of other translations would be acceptable.

  • Extended article in Welsh
    Use the English notes as a starting point. Add further sentences, either by describing features shown in the photograph, or from your own knowledge.

The Welsh text which you enter into the frames of the storyboard will be displayed in sequence at the bottom of the page. This text can then be copied and pasted into another application such as Microsoft Word if you wish to keep a record of your work.

Help with Welsh grammar is provided on our website 'Writing in Welsh'.
A strategy for writing simple summaries of information in Welsh may be found at our 'Translanguaging' web page.